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The future economic and social prosperity of this country - and the health and well-being of future generations - depends on the success of today’s youth.

CSSP’s youth policy work is focused on making sure youth have the optimal developmental opportunities needed to grow into successful adults – including policies to address risk and to promote protective factors. Policy should provide opportunities for youth civic engagement, support healthy social activities and ensure safe communities for youth to grow up. When young people face challenges like homelessness, teen pregnancy or interaction with intervening public systems like juvenile justice or child welfare, they experience more challenges to reaching a healthy adulthood than their counterparts. CSSP’s policy work is focused on ensuring that the systems intervening with vulnerable youth provide the supports and services necessary to meet young peoples’ needs and to ensure their well-being moving forward. CSSP’s youth policy focuses on the potential of all young people to grow into successful adults if provided the right opportunities. 

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