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Improve Early Grade-Level Reading

Success in school and later life depends on a positive foundation in the early years of childhood. Focusing on fourth grade success provides an opportunity to assess the success of policies and programs targeting the population aged birth through age 8.


A Governor’s Guide to Supporting a Comprehensive, High-Quality Early Childhood State System.


Putting children on a pathway to good health and school success through immunizations and quality early education has positive long term impacts on job growth, productivity, and the economy.


The Maryland State Department of Education focused on aligning programs across agencies, expanding funding and coordinating activities with many partners. This resulted in the statewide school readiness scores increasing from 49 percent to 81 percent in 10 years.


Improving the Odds for Young Children provides information to answer key questions about states’ efforts to support the well-being and school success of young children.


Pre-K Now changed the national conversation about pre-k education, and in its final report, challenged the nation’s policy makers to transform public education by moving away from the current K-12 system to pre-K-12.